Achieving set goals is the foundation of personal development, especially if you are a golfer. Ayoub Lguirati gives us his experience.

As a professional golfer, I am focused on my season and naturally my daily training. However, a new compartment has appeared since my manager helps me manage my career and especially my post-career: personal development. Indeed, I advanced in the discovery of myself to provide a better version of myself, every day.

This involves the following points:

  • Knowledge of golf:
    The history of golf, players who have marked its history, courses around the world, the rules of golf… I have to know everything at my fingertips.
  • Learning through NLP:
    We apply the principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to improve me as a player and as a person. Books like those by Anthony Robbins (Example: Unlimited Power, Awakening Your Inner Power) can be a good start for those new to them.
    Another book whose practices I use on a daily basis: “The 48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene. It helps me to optimize my interactions with everyone and to achieve my personal goals.
  • The construction of a champion’s mind: What could be better than knowing everything about the greatest champions in order to be able to replicate their behavior and become a champion in my turn (this is precisely the fundamental principle of NLP ). To do this, I have two fundamental books: “Every move must have a purpose” and “The game before the game” by Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott.
  • Meditation :
    Every day, I meditate to give my body and my brain a moment to “relax” and better assimilate the learnings of the day. See the meditation session as a Reset and an energy recharge. It is to be used without moderation! No room for self-judgment or even “positive” criticism, it’s simply a moment of letting go. The brain will do the rest afterwards, trust me.
  • The establishment of objectives and above all measurable indicators:
    During the pre-season we set up a major objective then we cut the season into several sub-seasons (mainly 3). The latter will then have a sub-objective defined so that the achievement of the 3 sub-objectives makes it possible to achieve the objective of the season. Each sub-objective then contains measurable indicators that we must achieve at the end of the sub-season. I then have a compass that makes my season a long calm river that I cross with the help of my team.


What is the result of this effort?

I am currently back from 2 months in Europe where I participated in 4 Pro Golf Tour tournaments. My overall ranking allowed me to achieve my goal for the season, which is to keep my card for next year in this German championship. Today I am preparing for the last tournament of my season, the final, with serenity. All of this would not have been possible without the entire work sequence described above and the support of my team. Now it’s time to prepare for next season!

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